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For many years people thought that a world cruise was just a pipe dream and only available to the wealthy, however with prices becoming more and more competitive it is now affordable for many more people.Going away for up to three months may well be looked on as a saving as on heating bills, an escape from the British winter and a chance to visit those places featured on the holiday programmes.

Around the world cruises

Cruise holidays, which were once the exclusive preserve of the wealthy, have become more affordable in recent years as competition in the industry has driven down prices and produced a scramble to provide affordable luxury. With so many tempting destinations available, world cruises have become one of the most popular forms of extended package holidays.

If you are based in the UK, your world cruise might begin at any one of several ports in the country or anywhere else in the world for that matter. UK travellers can find ships leaving regularly from Southampton, making it easy to embark on your world cruise experience. Once onboard, you will find luxury accommodation, world-class food and service from the ship’s attentive and friendly staff, whilst discovering a dazzling selection of entertainment. With shows, dinner, dancing and organised activities, as well as fitness equipment available, there is always something to do on board ship. If you are looking for sun and relaxation, there is always lounging on the pool deck or taking a romantic moonlight stroll on the promenade deck with that special someone.

Early ports of call on typical world cruises include Mediterranean destinations, followed by farther flung stopovers in various exotic locations, depending on your chosen itinerary. Spain’s famous cultural heritage, Italy’s fine wines, Ireland’s shopping, shows, historic sites and pubs, are just the beginning of the world tour. The islands of Indonesia boast spectacular volcanos and lush jungle teeming with fascinating wildlife. The Far East offers diverse cultures and a mixture of ancient craftsmanship and modern living.

Tropical ports of call may include Polynesia, with its crystal-clear blue waters and soft white beaches. The spectacular vistas, water sports, shopping, culture and experiences that await are mind-boggling. Whether you prefer diving, snorkelling, rafting, bathing or less-demanding activities, such as photography, shopping and enjoying some of the finest cuisine the world has to offer, there is something for everyone in the Caribbean and Central American destinations.

Egypt and the Emirates states of Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer opportunities to see some of the wealthiest regions in the world. Dubai has more millionaires per acre than anywhere else and the innovative architecture melds with the stunningly beautiful landscape to produce a country of stark beauty.

Whether you prefer to scour the vast shopping centres of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, looking for that unique gift or wish to explore the open-air marketplaces in Egypt, there are adventures to be had and discoveries to be made at every port.

With two of the world’s most famous and iconic cruise lines, Cunard Cruises and P&O Cruises, offering world tours, many people choose to take extended voyages in order to visit as many new places as possible while avoiding the dreary winter months of Northern Europe. Well-appointed modern ships ensure that your trip will be taken in comfort and style, while enjoying some of the best services, amenities, food, friends and fun available anywhere.

No matter which ports of call you are most looking forward to, you are sure to find there really is something for everyone on a world cruise, which is why Adore cruises have no hesitation in recommending them. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, in a group or with your family, a world cruise is an experience that will never be forgotten.




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